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World Premiere. The eCanter.

The United Nations (UN) expect that the population will rise to nine billion people worldwide by 2050 and that 70% will be living in cities by that time. Today, light-duty trucks account for 80 % of inner city deliveries and numerous low emission zones can already be found all around the world. More and more major cities and countries have plans to ban diesel vehicles in the near future. As a consequence, E-mobility and eco-friendliness of trucks are becoming one of the most important criteria for customers who make a buying decision for commercial vehicles. The emission free electrically-powered truck made by FUSO is playing a big part in the market of electric mobility and is revolutionizing the market of sustainable mobility.

Experience the emission free virtual reality drive with the eCanter!

Industry pioneer in the E-mobility sector

FUSO started the journey of electric trucks in 2010 and a prototyped E-CELL was presented at Tokyo Motor Show 2011. In 2013, the 2nd Generation E-CELL proved tests in Japan followed by additional successful tests fleets in Portugal (2014) and in Germany (2016). As a result, the FUSO eCanter Concept Truck came out and was presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016.
The eCanter is FUSO’s answer to the need for urban delivery trucks of the future.

Modular battery concept

The modular battery concept is adaptable to the customers’ needs. The customer can choose between more battery packs resulting in more mileage;
Or less battery packs but therefore more payload. The total weight allowance of the truck is 7.49 t with a loading capacity of up to 4.6 t.
The Concept Truck can be charged by the CCS type 2 interface for the EU region and a 80% charge can be realized in 1 h (DC) and 7 h (AC). Charging is also possible on conventional sockets.

Economic Efficiency

In comparison to conventional diesel vehicles our customers will have 30 % less maintenance costs and significant fuel savings depending on diesel and electricity prices. The additional costs of an acquisition will be amortized after about 3 years.

Solid & Functional Design

In addition to the technical features, the eCanter convinces with a driver oriented design, equipped with 12” displays, push-start, button shift and comfortable seats. The adaptive lighting ensures car like ambience. Another benefit of the eCanter is the comfortable usage. As a result, the futuristic cabin design combines functionality with comfort.

Intelligent connection between digitalization and connectivity

By merging elements of both digitalization and connectivity, FUSO offers a brand new interface and user experience on a 12” tablet. Drivers will be provided with more accurate and reliable information through the new digital instrument panel.